European Mining Course - EMC

Triple-Degree Masters program 2023-2025

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With a growing world population and increasing global welfare, the demand for most metals and minerals is increasing. At the same time, metal and material markets are not always predictable, making the challenge to identify and extract resources within economies of scale even more com- plex. Adding to this complexity, awareness of environmental issues is also growing and the world expects resources to be extracted in a responsible and sustainable man- ner. It will be up to the resource specialists of the future to operate successfully in this challenging environment.

In future, graduates working in the re- sources sector are expected to have tech- nical skills as well as social intelligence, adaptive thinking and cross-cultural competencies. They have to have language skills, be creative and self-motivated, be champions of research and receptors of innovations.

Why choose this course

Enhance your international resource knowledge and skills
- Join our worldwide alumni network and gain professional contacts
- Benefit from flexibility with optional modules; enabling personalized learning
- Enhance your learning with industry guest speakers
- Enjoy a program taught completely in English
- Earn an MSc from renowned European Universities

At a glance

Start - September at Aalto University, Helsinki
Triple Degree -Master of Science
Language - English
Fees - please refer to the fees section
Credits - 120 ECTS, 24 months, fulltime
Application period - 16.01.2023 - 01.03.2023
Entry requirements - Profound English skills , BSc in the engineering or geoscience disciplines, such as Mining Engineering, Resource Engineering, Geology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Engineering

What you want

You want to study abroad?
Adventure is the best way to learn.

You want to gather exciting international experience at three leading universities and meet new people?
Discover the world with like-minded students and university staff.

You want to work closely with industry and in international teams?
Well, then you are on the right track here

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