Application open between 16 January to 1 March 2023

Requirements and Procedure

After successfully completing this programme, you will have:

• Gained entrepreneurial and innovative skills
• Met students from around Europe and the world
• Experienced hands on learning in the field
• Expanded your network in the industry
• Obtained a MSc degree from three prestigious European universities

Interested in applying? Please see our admission requirements and procedures below.

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Applicants must meet the admission criteria of Aalto University. This includes:

  1. A Bachelor degree of (or equivalent to) 180 ECTS in an appropriate subject (e.g. Engineering, Earth sciences, environmental sciences, mineral resource engineering) issued by one of the partner universities, or an equivalent university qualification from other top universities worldwide in an appropriate subject.*

  2. A proof of average grade following the requirements that can be found here.
    For students who obtained their BSc at one of the partner universities, special CGPA requirements apply. Please see the requirement for each partner university below:

    • Aalto University: min. CGPA of 2.5

    • RWTH Aachen: min. CGPA of 2.5

    • Montanuniversität Leoben: n/a

  3. Certificate of a recognised English language proficiency test:**

    • TOEFL iBT (with an overall band score of 90 and min. 21 for each section)

    • IELTS (with an overall band score of 6.5 and min. 6.0 for each section)

    • CAE/CPE (min. C with an overall score of 176(C1) or 180 (C2) and min 169 for each section (C1&C2))

  4. Letter of motivation (max. 2000 words)

  5. Curriculum Vitae

  6. Two Letters of recommendation***

  7. Proof of payment of €100,- administration costs****.

All documents need to be presented in English. Students are selected and admitted to the programme based on their academic results, fulfilment of requirements, motivation and language skills.

* Students in their final year of a Bachelor degree are eligible to apply provided that they complete their degree before the start of the programme. Acceptance in the programme will then be conditional on the student obtaining the necessary degree. Proof of completion of the degree must be shown before the start of the program. All applicants must deliver an officially attested copy of an official Bachelor degree certificate. This is a condition for the acceptance and no enrolment to the university can be made before the delivery of this certificate. The copies of study certificates must be certified by the issuing institution or by a notary public.

** Please note that students who obtained their B.Sc. at one of the partner universities and nationals from the USA, U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are exempt from the English language test. Applicants who obtained a bachelor’s degree in one of the aforementioned countries are also exempt from the English language proficiency requirement.

***Students who obtained their B.Sc at one of the partner universities are also exempt from the two letters of recommendation.

**** Refundable if student is admitted.


European Mining Course (EMC) Admission for 2023-24 at Aalto University
Thank you for your interest in starting the EMC programme at Aalto Univeristy.

All applicants apply via Aalto University on-line application system.
Students can apply during their Bachelor’s program. The completed Bachelor’s degree is a condition for acceptance, so the degree must be completed latest in the summer of 2023.

We hope the following information will be helpful to begin your journey:

1. Step 1 Prepare your application
Make sure you are eligible for the EMC. If you are in doubt, please don´t hesitate to reach out and clarify with us! 

Step 2 Apply for the EMC
Deadline: End of Feburary
You need to apply for the EMC via the online portal of Aalto University. You´ll find the link and all relevant information on our homepage

Step 3 Follow the instructions after admission 
Once you got accepted to the EMC, you´ll receive an admission letter and further information from Aalto University on how to complete your enrolment and other formalities. 

If you have any questions, reach out to us via our homepage or one of the contacts below. 

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